Disclaimer: The Wurm Online Maps (dot com) is NOT a project of Code Club AB, wurmonline.com, or its affiliates. (Heck, we're not even Swedish!)


Our maps derive their coordinates from the Cartesian Coordinate System. We don't put Descartes before the horse.: (1)

In essence, our maps start in the upper left hand corner at (0, 0), then go across the X-axis and down the Y-axis. Hence the (+X, -Y) system.

In fact, your deed marker coordinates occupy a specific tile in the WO database based on the same coordinate system we are laying our here:

Some coordinate math: Xanadu is 32km by 32km in size. We know that in Wurm one tile is 4 meter square. 1km is then 250 tiles, and 32km is 8,000 tiles, right?

Wrong, Charlie! 1km in Wurm, based on the map dumps they are giving us, is 256 tiles per kilometer. For Xanadu, 32km equals 8192 tiles.

The map dump for Xanadu is 8192 x 8192, and so our Xanadu map coordinates are are range from (0, -0) to (8192, -8192).

To Dervive Your Coordinates

Your deed markers in our database are stored with X/Y coordinates. To find your coordinates:

Single click anywhere on the map. Your clicked map coordinates will appear in the lower left hand corner on your screen.

This will be your deed's coordinates throughout time, map dump to map dump.

To add, change, or delete records from the map, you have to post a request via the appropriate forum map thread. (Find the thread in the Contacts section.)


  • ASP.NET 4.6.1 MVC/Web API web app
  • Entity Framework 6
  • OpenLayers3 zoomable/scrollable map with ZXY tiles that can be replaced with every map dump within minutes (okay 30 minutes...).
  • Custom SVG overlay

Note about performance: There are over 1,000 deeds in our database on Xanadu. Displaying 1,000+ deed markers has proven to be problematic, due to SVG limitations. To help the preformance problem we are re-rendering the SVG deed marker overlay with every scroll, drag, and zoom action, but, we only render those objects that are calculated to be in view at the time. (The inital map display shows no markers.. Zoom in why don't ya!)

Performance is a lot better than what we started with: every map scroll, pan, and zoom used to invoke a method that re-calculated the positions of every object in the overlay. This included deed rectagles, deed titles, grid lines, and grid titles. We literally went from tens of thousands of tranactions with every map action down to less than a thousand.


(1) Sorry for the lame Frasier joke.